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How to choose & find the right dog groomer

Naturally “Fluffy” is a valued area of the family. Just how do you go about choosing a reliable person to groom her?

It takes lots of careful handling to properly groom your dog, not forgetting the precautions required around dangerous, sharp implements like scissors and electric clippers? A dog (or cat) groomer will be bathing you pet in soapy water and rinsing thoroughly. We surely aren’t going to trust her to “just anybody”.

Here are five basic tips to choose a specialist pet groomer.

1. Ask around. Whenever a dog leaves the groomer, this can be a walking advertisement. Speak to your veterinarian, your kennel manager, your neighbor. In the event that you see a dog on the road with a method you like, stop the dog owner and ask where in fact the dog was groomed. Folks are usually very willing to talk about their pets, especially their new “do”.

Some veterinary offices have policies never to refer clients to any certain groomer or breeder. Don’t despair; ask more specific questions like “Perhaps you have treated any problems from this groomer, such as cuts or clipper abrasions? Have you had any complaints relating to this groomer?”

2. Call the groomer you are thinking about using. Ask him/her questions. Did you go to grooming school or apprentice with a specialist groomer? Just how long are you grooming? Have you got much experience with (insert your breed here)? Have you got issues putting poodle feet on the cocker? (Or various other non-standard clip?) Have you been an associate of any professional grooming organization? There’s a national organization called National Dog Groomers of America Association and many states have their own groomers’ organizations. ¬†Visit:¬†Hound Playground

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3. Require proper certification. Some states require that groomers are certified and certified in flea/tick applications. So ask if they is properly certified.

4. Be patient. Take into account that groomers are usually on an exceptionally tight schedule. Ask him/her if indeed they can call you back again to answer these questions when they have ample time to talk. It’s hard to answer questions while fluff drying a dog. You should be able to create a rapport with the groomer that will provide you with an overall impression. Hopefully it’ll be a good impression.

5. Trust your intuition. Simply by asking around you will be able find answers to almost all of your questions. Utilizing a groomer for the very first time can be a disconcerting experience. If you have done some research by asking around and then place your rely upon your groomer and then visit a good result … then you can pamper yourself, too, like “Fluffy” was pampered.